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January 11, 2018, 12:00 AM

Talking Points: Wednesday 01-10-2018

  • Extremes and exaggerations
  • For every truth in the bible there are those who have taken them to an extreme.
  • When taken to extremes or exaggerated, they are distorted and the distortions are not true.
  • The extreme sovereignty message is the doctrine of sovereignty exaggerated into something it really is not.
  • This exaggeration says that we are to accept and appreciate anything and everything that comes into our lives, whether it is good or bad, because it has already gone through God.
  • Just because something is written in the bible doesn’t mean that it is so because the sovereignty of God may determine other wise.
  • Sovereignty means supreme
  • The word sovereign is an English word that came to us through Latin and it is not Hebrew or Greek therefore it is not in the original text of the Bible.
  • The first time we see the word sovereign in the English bible is in John Wycliffe’s translation in 1382
  • You will find that the word sovereign and its use concerning God did not appear in the bible until the modern translations.
  • The belief in the sovereignty of God has existed for many years but it was not part of the English translation of the Bible until the modern translation.
  • The doctrine of sovereignty has grown over the years into a common belief that God is sovereign and He can do whatever He wants and nothing happens unless He wants it to happen.
  • The sovereignty of God is best understood by what the bible teaches us.
  • Numbers 23:19 tells us that God does not lie and He keeps His word.
  • Titus 1:2 tells us that God cannot lie.
  • It is impossible for God to lie even as the sovereign God that He is.
  • That means if God said it then it must be true.
  • It also means that if God said He will do something then He will and if He said He will not do something then He won’t do it otherwise He would be a liar.
  • Malachi 3:6 God does not change
  • Hebrews 13:8 God is always the same
  • God has made His will known in the scriptures and He will not change it.
  • Sovereignty is qualified and understood by the scriptures
  • The question will always come back to what does the Bible say?
  • Is God sovereign? Yes
  • Does God in His sovereignty over ride what He has written in His word? No
  • In God’s sovereignty does he over ride peoples will? The answer is no because it is against His character to do so.
  • Does God in His sovereignty over ride or violate a person’s will in order to accomplish His will? The answer is no.
  • The Bible is clear that Jesus came for every person and that salvation is for everyone.
  • God is sovereign, He is almighty, He is supreme but He is not a liar and He is not a covenant breaker.
  • God has already stated His will in His Word, He will not violate Himself by performing some so called "sovereign act” that is contrary to His written Word.

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