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Talking Points: This Thing 03-07-2018
March 7, 2018, 8:48 AM
  • Before we can understand verse 8 we must understand what “this thing” is. Is it pride or sickness and disease as religion would have us believe?
  • Concerning this thing, the evil spirit that was using people to persecute Paul.
  • Paul sought God 3 times to make the evil spirit and persecution to stop and go away.
  • God’s response “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”
  • The first thing that the Lord said to Paul about this evil spirit and persecution was “My grace is sufficient” it is enough and because it is enough you can have contentment in every situation in life.
  • Content does not mean to tolerate and put up with. It means to do what the word says to do.
  • The word of God tells us to cast out devils and to resist the devil.
  • We don’t ask God to do something about the devil, He already has and He has given us the authority to do something about it.
  • Jesus defeated the devil and all of his cohorts and then gave that authority to the church, to each and every believer.
  • When we are being persecuted the enemy is trying to bait us into say and or doing something that will cause people to stumble and cause a scandal.
  • Persecution is not sickness and disease. Jesus was never sick until He took our sickness upon Himself.
  • When God’s blessings come upon our life, the enemy stirs up persecution to steal our joy and to cause offense.
  • The word strength is the Greek word dunamis and it means the creative, miracle working power of God. The Greek word translated made perfect means to accomplish, fulfill, to bring to completion.
  • My miraculous power is fulfilled in weakness, My miraculous power accomplishes in weakness, My miraculous power brings to completion in weakness.
  • There is a miraculous strength in God’s grace that gives strength to the weak, the persecuted and in distress.
  • God wasn’t telling Paul to put up with the evil spirit, He was telling Paul to use the miraculous strength of grace and use his God given authority over that spirit.
  • He was telling Paul to use the miraculous strength of grace to overcome persecution.