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Talking Points: The Chastening Of The Lord
April 18, 2018, 10:19 AM
  • The subject of God chastening people has been presented in many ways and with many opinions.
  • Religiously we are taught that God will use whatever He chooses to chasten people, including sickness and disease.
  • 7 times from verse 5 to verse 11 the Greek word παιδεύω is translated as chasten, chastening, chastened and corrected. This Greek word literally means “the rearing of a child”.
  • The word train in Latin Vulgate is “proverbium” which means proverb or maxim. The book of Proverbs is a book of training.
  • Religion has taken the use of the word scourge as used to describe our Lord’s punishment in the gospel accounts to define its use in Hebrews 12. However it has to be understood in the context it is used in Hebrews not in the context of how it is used in the gospels.
  • Our faith begins with Jesus and it is brought to completion or perfection in Jesus. Jesus is actually helping or training us so that our faith will reach its fullest.
  • God is love, He loves us and He trains us because He loves us and He trains us with love. The Chastening of the Lord is always out of love and through love.
  • God trains us so that we can live this zoe life of faith, love, holiness and righteousness.
  • When God is training us, He reveals His word to us and the word reveals the truth and the lie, the light and the darkness.
  • Some people don’t take God’s word seriously or they lose heart that the word is true for them or that it will work for them.
  • Illegitimate children are not children without a father, they are children without a father’s influence upon their life.
  • God and us together are bearing this training so that we can truly share in holiness.
  • When we are being trained by the Lord sometimes we experience grief. Not from or by God but because of our mistakes and lack of walking in the training of the Lord.
  • God’s chastening/training always produce fruit. The peaceable fruit of righteousness.
  • Our righteousness is because of what Jesus did for us. The fruit of righteousness is because of our training by the Lord.