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Talking Points: The Captivity of Job (Part 2)
March 28, 2018, 8:57 AM
  • Job and his three friends did not speak the truth.
  • This doesn’t mean everything they said was not true but it also means that not everything they said was true.
  • Remember God inspired the writer of Job to write the book of Job but God did not inspire every person to say what they said as it is written in the book of Job.
  • We also need to remember that Job became very fearful and that brought down the hedge of protection.
  • The devil took advantage of Job’s fear and did as Jesus said in John 10:10
  • When we see the theft in chapter 1 it was the devil stealing. When we see the destruction in chapter 1 it was the devil destroying. When we see death in chapter 1 it was the devil killing.
  • This was all possible because Job gave the devil the opportunity because of Job’s fear.
  • Like Job we all experience things in life and we all have faced fear in our lifetime. How we handle it determines what happens.
  • Job is described as blameless, upright, great, and God-fearing and one who rejected evil.
  • Job went from being blameless and upright to being bitter and self-righteous.
  • Six verses in the book of Job clearly shows that Job became very bitter.
  • Job had experienced a major event in his life and he became bitter and in his bitterness he sees everything the way he sees it and that becomes the only truth and he becomes self-righteous.
  • Like Job we can let fear into our lives and experience things that God never wanted us to go through.
  • It is never God’s will for people to suffer with sickness, disease, poverty, bitterness and self-righteousness.
  • According to Dr. Young and in the light of the New Testament, The translators of the English Bible have translated portions of scripture in the causative when it should have been in the permissive.
  • Deuteronomy 28:20 “The Lord will send on you cursing” when it should have been “The Lord will permit to be sent upon you cursing”
  • This is the same thing with Job 42:11 “for all the adversity that the Lord had brought upon him.”
  • It should have been translated “for all the adversity that the Lord had permitted to be brought upon him”
  • We see Job’s faith restored and God's blessings upon him.
  • Job received twice as much as he had before and lived 140 years after this happened to him.