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Talking Points: Doctors, Medicine & Healing 01-31-2018
January 31, 2018, 12:00 AM
  • When it comes to God and doctors it is not one or the other so you don’t have to throw away your medicine or quit wearing your glasses and so forth. God can and does heal people while wearing glasses and taking medicine.
  • People who are facing diseases like cancer should not stop the treatments. God can heal you while you are being treated. It is advised for anyone to keep seeing their doctor and to keep taking their medicine and treatments as prescribed.
  • When it comes to people who have become sick and died we do not know their heart.
  • We don’t know everything that goes on in a person’s heart any more than other people know what is going on in ours.
  • Only you and God know your heart.
  • No matter what happens to others we must still walk by faith and believe God's Word for ourselves.
  • We are sad when a family member or friend has died prematurely but we can take comfort knowing they are with the Lord and as Paul said “It is far better”.
  • Just because we don’t understand what happened we can still rejoice with them.
  • Experience explains scriptures or scriptures explain experiences. Our faith must be based on God’s word and not our experiences in life.