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January 17, 2018, 12:00 AM

Talking Points: Sovereignty; Submission & Healing

  • Some people say “If it be thy will” thinking they are being submissive to the sovereignty of God.
  • Deuteronomy 30:19 is including sickness and disease and health and healing.
  • You will notice throughout the Word of God that, in most matters, God has given us the opportunity to choose.
  • God in His sovereignty does not choose for us.
  • God has made it our choice and we have the responsibility for making the choice ourselves
  • When it comes to the sovereignty of God and healing we see from God’s word that in His sovereignty He has provided healing.
  • God is sovereign! The Bible tells us so and common sense tells us so.
  • The devil has and will seduce people into believing sovereignty is something that is not, so that he can steal, kill, and to destroy just as Jesus said in John 10:10
  • Another belief in this exaggerated sovereignty message is that God will use sickness and disease to teach, humble and punish us.
  • The point is that God is good, He does good and He gives good.
  • When a parent harms, when I say harm I mean to injure or afflict in such a way that causes broken bones, poor health, mental, physical and spiritual, sickness and disease to their own child we call it child abuse even if the parent’s motive is to teach them a lesson or to show them how to be humble or to punish.
  • Such people need help themselves.
  • Just because a person can father a child or a mother give birth to a child doesn’t mean they are fit to be a parent.
  • So if we as decent average people won’t treat our children this way why do we have the belief in the church world that God will.
  • God is love.
  • Love does no harm.
  • If God is love and He is and love does no harm then God cannot use sickness and disease to teach, humble or punish us.
  • God does not chooses people to show others how to "humbly" accept sickness and disease as His will.
  • Because people do not know God’s word they have been robbed of their health and some have even been robbed of their very lives.
  • Satan is the one who struck Job with boils not God.
  • God does not use sickness or disease at anytime or in any way.
  • People can get close to God without getting sick. We can decide to "draw near to God" any time.
  • There is no healthy relationship between a child and a parent who uses such tactics to teach, humble or punish.
  • Parents who control and manipulate their child’s behavior through such perverse actions do not have a better or stronger relationship.
  • God does not control or manipulate us
  • God uses His word to teach, correct and humble us.
  • The Bible is clear that we are to humble ourselves.
  • God does not give sickness and disease to the humble, He gives grace to the humble.
  • According to James 1:17 God gives good and perfect gifts.
  • Romans 2:4 tells us that God uses goodness to bring us to repentance.
  • When you study the subject of the goodness of God you will see that not one time is sickness and disease included in the goodness of God. You will find health and healing are part of the goodness of God.

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